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Discover Purity, Embrace Nature

Discover Purity, Embrace Nature.  Welcome to a world where cleanliness meets the purest form of nature. At Pure One Soaps, we are dedicated to crafting soaps that not only cleanse but also nourish your skin with the gentle touch of nature. Our soaps are handmade, using only the finest natural ingredients, ensuring that every bar is filled with love, care, and purity.

Earth-Friendly Choices

All Natural Soap 

Nature in Every Bar

Crafted from earth’s purest ingredients, our soaps bring nature’s healing and purity to your skin

Handcrafted with Love

Each soap bar is handcrafted, ensuring unmatched quality and a personal touch in every lather

Sustainability at Heart

From biodegradable packaging to waste reduction, our eco-friendly practices honor the planet with every product.

From Family Tradition to Flourishing Enterprise

Ken Milner, the heart and soul behind Pure One Soaps, has turned a family tradition into a thriving business that touches lives beyond his own. For years, Ken crafted handmade soaps from natural ingredients, not just as a hobby but as a personal commitment to his family’s health and well-being. These bespoke creations were more than just soaps; they were a testament to Ken’s belief in a pure, chemical-free lifestyle that nurtured the skin and the soul.

As word of his exceptional soaps spread among friends and community, the demand grew, turning a personal passion into a professional calling. Motivated by the positive feedback and the joy his soaps brought to others, Ken decided it was time to share his craft with the world. Thus, Pure One Soaps was born—a brand built on the foundation of family, nature, and authenticity.

Today, Ken continues to lead Pure One Soaps with the same dedication and passion, ensuring that each product not only meets but exceeds the high standards he set making soaps at his kitchen table. Join Ken and the Pure One community as we strive to bring a touch of purity to every home.

Our Story:

From Nature, With Love.

Born from a passion for natural wellness, Pure One Soaps began as a small idea in a home kitchen. Our founder, driven by the desire to create products that were both kind to the skin and the environment, embarked on a journey of discovery. Through experimenting with natural oils, herbs, and essences, the perfect blend of ingredients was born, giving rise to soaps that were not just cleaning agents, but a symbol of pure, unadulterated nature.


A Symphony of Natural Ingredients


Each Pure One Soap bar is a testament to our commitment to purity and quality. From the refreshing zest of citrus to the calming embrace of lavender, our ingredients are carefully selected for their natural benefits and aromatic qualities.

All-Natural Ingredients: Free from harsh chemicals, our soaps are crafted with ingredients sourced from nature.
Handmade with Love: Each bar is handmade, ensuring the highest quality and a personal touch.
Eco-Friendly: We follow sustainable practices, from biodegradable packaging to waste reduction.
Kind to All Skin Types: Gentle, nourishing, and free from irritants, our soaps are suitable for everyone.



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Join us on a journey to a cleaner, greener, and more pure world. Follow us on social media for the latest updates, and become part of a community that values health, wellness, and the planet. Together, let’s make a difference, one soap bar at a time.

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